Instructions to Take the Test

Take the test! If you're ready to take the National Hearing Test by telephone today, click the blue button to answer the questionnaire and pay the $8 fee, or, if you are an AARP member, click here to receive a free test. If you still have questions, please read the instructions and questions below.

What is the process for taking the National Hearing Test?

It’s simple, convenient, and your results are confidential.

  1. Complete a short questionnaire. Once it’s submitted, you will receive an access code on your computer screen. If you gave your email address on the questionnaire, you’ll also get an email with the access code.
  2. Find a quiet place to take the test. A landline that plugs into a wall is preferred but not required. If you only have access to a mobile phone, you can still take the test. It helps to use ear buds for a clearer connection. Remember to remove the ear bud from the ear that is not being tested.
  3. Dial the toll-free National Hearing Test number 1-866-217-0857, and enter your access code, when prompted.
  4. Take the 10-minute test.
  5. At the end of the test, there will be an automated message giving you the results for each ear. Write down your results.

After taking the telephone test, go to our web page After the Test for more information. There are links to professional organizations that list qualified hearing professionals in your area. There are also links to information about hearing loss and treatments.


If you are ready to take the test, click the blue button below.

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Mobile phone use
The National Hearing Test was standardized for use with wired landline telephones. The sound quality of other types of phones may adversely affect test scores.

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Additional Questions

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Why should I take the test in a quiet location?
Can I use a cell phone?

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